Stay Connected

Shepherd wireless gas detectors form a powerful gas detection network in a variety of hazardous scenarios.

  • Each Shepherd Controller is the “hub” of the local network and communicates with our secure servers via satellite, WiFi or Ethernet.
  • The entire sensor system is accessible and configurable through the local Shepherd Controller or remotely via the proprietary Shepherd desktop software and mobile app.
  • All incident notifications include vital information, such as contact numbers and GPS locations to promote fast and efficient responses.
How Shepherd Works

Save Lives

With the Shepherd System™ in place, you always know when a sensor trips or a worker might be in danger.

  • Shepherd Personal Monitors are a powerful lifeline for any worker who needs help for any reason. That's why Lone Workers love the Shepherd System.
  • By placing Shepherd Wireless Gas Detectors in key locations, safety professionals are alerted before workers are exposed to toxic gases, such as H2S and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2).
  • The Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) version of the Shepherd Wireless Gas Detector ensures that operations can be halted before gases such as methane reach explosive levels.
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Increase Productivity

Harsh oilfield conditions can degrade sensors and batteries, leading to false alarms and countless hours of unnecessary downtime.

  • The Shepherd System reduces downtime by helping safety professionals improve equipment maintenance procedures and prevent major problems.
  • Our “Test Mode” feature enables safety professionals to verify that every sensor is working properly, without shutting down ongoing operations.
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